Interior Dies

Have you ever experienced a situation where you are forced to change dies because you don't have enough press machines due to an increase in the number of processes?

Some customers may find it difficult to pay for the additional purchase of a press machine

or find space to install it.

If only there was a compact trim pierce dies that could be processed without a press machine...

If you can complete the processes required for the two or three dies with a single die...

As a manufacturer specializing in dies, we provide design proposals and advice and help you make products efficiently and better. We will also propose the most appropriate measures for the realization of development projects, such as prototypes of new products.

Our strengths




High quality and

timely delivery

The 3D CAD and die design supported by the analysis software minimize the maintenance effort and enable the production of high-quality dies with excellent durability and abrasion resistance in a short time.



自動車 内装金型


The trim pierce type, which many customers have trouble with, provides a sharpness that will definitely satisfy your needs. Even if your request requires highly difficult technology, we will help you realize it with an uncompromising attitude.



自動車 内装金型 ダイスポット


Compatible with pneumatic, hydraulic, cooling, temperature increasing, and electric control. It is possible to try using a heating furnace or die temperature controller.

Interior parts - Example

Example of our experience

熱成形金型 自動車 内装金型

Thermoforming dies

冷却成形型  自動車 内装金型

Cooled dies

冷却成形 トリムピアス型  自動車 内装金型

Cold-formed trim piercing

冷却成形 トリムピアス型  自動車 内装金型

Cold-formed trim piercing

The trim piercing mold is used for trim piercing (cutting and drilling).
Our engineers polish the mold carefully, cutting and polishing it carefully, and the mold is craftsmanship-packed so that even the finer fibers than the hair can be cut.

冷却成形 トリムピアス型  自動車 内装金型

Cold-formed trim piercing

The trim piercing jig is a convenient wire tool that incorporates a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller or sequencer) and incorporates software for controlling pneumatic and hydraulic equipment and motors, enabling trim piercing (cutting and drilling) as well as a press machine, even if there is no press machine for the trim piercing. Various types of private use can be made according to the needs of customers.
Our engineers polish the dies carefully, cutting and polishing it carefully, and the die is craftsmanship-packed so that even the finer fibers than the hair can be cut.

圧着  自動車 内装金型

Crimp (adhesive) mold/jig

These are molds and jigs used to crimp the molded parts into felonies or to press the surface against the lining of the door.
For customers with press machines for crimping according to their specifications, a die is made, and for customers without press machines, a jig is made.

振動溶着治具  自動車 内装金型

Vibration welding jig

The vibration welding type uses friction heat generated by vibration to generate heat for welding objects. Vibration analysis enables reliable design.

※Main parts using vibration welding type: Instrument panel and etc.

We will resolve
your company's concerns and problems!

Since the company's press and other equipment are insufficient, the die must be replaced if the number of processes increases...

We propose the most suitable tools, such as dies and jigs that do not require a press, that combine multiple processes in accordance with your request!

Dies made by other companies, but many cutters are missing or defective...

Repair, adjustment, and maintenance of dies made by other manufacturers are also possible!
As a specialized manufacturer of high-quality dies, we will use our know-how and technical capabilities to help speed up the recovery process!

The fabric and other fibrous material cannot be cut cleanly....

We realize a high-quality and beautiful finishing by changing the die material depending on the product material.

Difficulty in die maintenance...

Our dies are extremely durable and wear resistant and are almost maintenance-free.

It is difficult to make specifications due to lack of knowledge of dies and jigs...

From the product design stage, we will support the investigation of optimal line processes!
We will reduce your trouble as much as possible and deliver the best products for good manufacturing.