Continuing to lead
the future of manufacturing
even with "only here" dies

Since our founding in the 1950s, Fuji Technica & Miyazu has been engaged for many years in the manufacture of stamping dies for automobile bodies and has faced manufacturing.

The company was recognized for its excellent die-making technology,
we have a high level of trust from automakers around the world now.

To become the leading die brand

with proud the world's highest quality.

We will continue to strive to meet the ever-evolving needs of customers.

Our Strengths 

Technology and
proposal capabilities

  • Operational support from development planning
  • To establish own standards based on experience
  • Experienced project management
  • Finishing/adjustability by skilled craftsmen
  • Continuous research and development

plant capacity

  • 24-hour machining
  • Progress report by production control system
  • Large press machines with capacity of 2,000 tons or more
  • Available from quality loop to finishing work of dies
  • Support for mass production of medium and large products
  • Cooperation with overseas networks

technology as extra

  • High-speed, high-resolution precision measurement with ATOS
  • ARGUS analysis of the forming process
  • Introduction of laser hardening machine

Stamping dies

In our core business of die making, we can efficiently and sophisticated die making with the latest computer and skilled technology.

Interior dies

We have earned a high reputation for automotive body dies, in addition, we provide dies, jigs, and equipment for automobile interior products that meet the needs of our customers by providing high technology, quality, accurate advice, support, and prompt response.

Construction machinery
& Housing materials

We are also engaged in the manufacture of dies for housing materials and construction machinery.

Various businesses

  • Machining
  • Mass production
  • Laser processing
  • Three-dimensional measurement
  • Quality improvement and maintenance
  • Rental of press equipment
  • Laser hardening

Production facilities

Introduction of production facilities

Making future manufacturing even more exciting!

We have a dedicated team dedicated to technology development, and are engaged in research and development to improve die quality, durability, and the most important mass productivity for our customers.
Due to the high level of expertise, the results are not readily available.

We focus on contributing to the further evolution and development of dies.