Various businesses

Laser processing

24-hour processing

We own more than 50 medium-sized to state-of-the-art numerically controlled large machines across our Mishima, Izu-Nagaoka, and Oizumi factories. (Maximum size is 3,500mm x 6,000mm) We have a system in place to send machining data to three factories/machines for 24-hour machining. By making full use of the machinery and equipment at each location, we can process many parts at the same time and respond to projects with short delivery times.
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金型品質改善 金型改造 保全 メンテナンス

Quality improvement & maintenance

Die quality improvement & maintenance

レーザー加工 ブランキング

Laser processing

Laser blanking for trials

Our each facility(Mishima, Izu Nagaoka, and Oizumi plants) has 2D laser processing machines.


Laser hardening
(under development)

Under development

Laser hardening machine has been installed at the Izunagaoka plant. By switching from manual hardening, unevenness in quenching can be eliminated. Although we are still in the development stage and there are limited products available, we will do our best to accommodate your requests.


Mass production

We will respond flexibly to your requests!

We have a total of 18 presses from 500t to 2400t across our Mishima, Izu Nagaoka, and Oizumi plants, including 5 super-large presses over 2000t. The number of pieces to be produced is subject to consultation, but since it is not a mass production press, versatile and customized production is possible.

Rental of
press equipment


Resolve the problem of insufficient facilities

We rent out various press equipment. 

3D measuring instruments (CMM/ATOS) 

Installed new 3D measuring instruments (CMM/ATOS)

We have three-dimensional measuring instruments (CMM/ATOS) at our Mishima, Izu Nagaoka, and Oizumi plants. The measurement results will be reported upon request. You can also use ATOS to help with reverse engineering.