Corporate Philosophy

To contribute to the revitalization of "manufacturing Japan,"
we will take up the challenge to the die manufacturing in new era,
which combines the latest technology with
on-site skills that Japanese people are good at,
and contribute to the society by creating new value.

Managerial Policy

Our Basic Policy of the Management

We run the business of stamping dies for the car bodies, and our basic policy is to aim to be trusted by the customers all over the world on the quality, the cost, and the delivery. We are willing to enhance corporate value by aiming at the highly profitable large stamping die maker boasting the world's highest quality.

Management Indexes to Target

We assume the ordinary income and asset effectiveness an important point of management index in order to make much of cashflow and are going to make efforts in reinforcement of the order profitability management and shortening of the lead time, the reduction of the production cost.

Medium to long term management strategies

We work on building the competitive advantage by the combination of the quality and delivery management skill which are our strengths and the cost competitiveness utilizing our production bases in the emerging countries.
Thereby, we aim at the high profitable corporate structure by building up the earnings structure that can cope with changes of external circumstances such as an exchange fluctuation or the competing maker's followings of the emerging countries.

Issues to be Addressed

We recognize it as an urgent issue that we build a sustainable high revenue model by addressing the following measures.

  • Securement of the profit by strengthening of the order profitability management and production cost control system.
  • Cost Reduction such as by promoting 3D solid design and utilizing production bases in emerging countries.
  • Promotion of the improvement activities by the practice of “visualization” and by the thoroughness of the “PDCA cycle”
  • Reinforcement of the surrounding ranges such as mold for the interior parts and the technological assistances for body designing.
  • Restraint of the fixed costs through diligent cost reduction.