Continues to manufacture dies
that are second to none

Since Fuji Technica Miyazu became a member of the Toyo Seikan Group, a comprehensive packaging manufacturer, in 2016, we have made a new start based on our corporate philosophy that is

"We will constantly create new and innovative value, aspire to achieve a sustainable society and contribute to people's happiness"

In order to realize a carbon-neutral world, which is currently a challenge for humanity, is accelerating the momentum of EV shift in automobile industries.

In line with this trend, the use of high-strength thin steel sheets and aluminum materials, which are much lighter than steel, is increasing for the exterior panel materials of automobiles.

However, the adoption of such materials not only requires the high technology and strict quality to the stamping die for panel forming, but also requires to embody the novel and attractive design of automobile that are encouraged by the EV shift.

Combined with the demand for reducing production cycle, this means that the difficulty of mold production will further increase.

Therefore, it is impossible to achieve the realization by relying solely on the traditional method of die manufacturing through trial and error based on the experience of professionals.

We, Fuji Technica Miyazu Inc., aim to evolve the field of stamping die into innovative and attractive "manufacturing" by combining our accumulated expertise and IT technologies.

In order to achieve that we accurately understand the customer's requirements and work in collaboration with the customer to manufacture the advanced stamping die that take into account the nature of the panel materials, method for forming, and even the characteristics of the stamping die and press machine.

Above all, we are also as users, working diligently in dealing with die manufacturing to shape the ideal automobile with the innovative and attractive design that dispose people to "ride in" and "drive "together with our customers.

For that, we will strive to develop human resources who is able to think and act independently and see things through to the end, as well as to build the organization.