New Graduate Recruiting Information

Some of the car running around your familiar town may be concerned with Fuji Technica & Miyazu?!
It is one of the best points of making dies that your work becomes "visible" !
"The working field is worldwide! Let's become an engineer recognized in the world! "
We offer you the environment to achieve that!
We are looking forward to your application!

If you have a hot feeling in manufacturing, come and join us!

Person who tackle with a hot feeling in "manufacturing", and also can think and act by oneself, and pursue persistently for good things, are needed. To that end, it is essential to be imaginative.
Since our business is developing globally, those who have a will to work around the world on the basis of the technical knowledge are required.

The die is the origin of the manufacturing, and the manufacturing continues making a rapid progress. Person who can challenge always new thing with a sense of responsibility, and with such a consciousness that towing the progress and leading the industry, there is your stage just right here.

Recruiting Data

The offer type of job
1.Production technician
 Duties to summarize the delivery in total from inquiry (at the time of an order) of the stamping dies for car bodies from the car manufacturers of all the countries of the world
2.Three-dimensional solid design engineer (3D CAD)
 Design duties of the press die using three-dimensional solid design software for car bodies
3.NC technician
 Duties to make the processing data of the NC machine tools
4.Manufacturing technician
 Processing duties of the die, the imposition, finish duties of the die, a finished die for press with NC machine tools, and the precision confirmation of the panel works.
5.Sales positions
 Utilizing Japanese, Chinese, and English, sales to automotive manufacturers in Japan and around the world.
6.Sales support positions
 Utilizing Japanese, Chinese, English and carring out the correspondence (include the pickup by car) of the visitor from the foreign countries and business office work

※1~4 : Person who studied machine and the metallurgical engineering system are desirable.
5: Faculties and departments unquestioned. (Best if there is a foreign language conversation skills)
6: Faculties and departments unquestioned. (foreign language conversation skills are necessary)

Nationality unquestioned

Application method
Please entry at SJC Navi or Nikkei Shushoku Navi.
For those who entered, we will send company briefing information.
Recruitment process and selection method
1. Seminars and briefings:
The guide you around the workplace to have you feel the atmosphere of the company.
2. Factory Tour
3. Written Test
4. Group Discussion
5. Interview (personal): individual interview, including the officer
Alma mater of the Employees
■ Hokkaido, Tohoku District
Asahikawa Collage, Yamagata University, Akita Prefectural College, Iwaki Meisei University
■ Kanto District
Ashikaga Institute of Technology, Hakuho University, Gunma University, Ibaraki University, Chiba Institute of Technology, Juntendo University,Teikyoheisei University, International Budo University, Shumei University, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Rikkyo University, Chuo University, Science University of Tokyo, Shibaura Institute of Technology, Meiji Gakuin University, Hosei University, Seikei University, Kogakuin University, Tokyo Denki University, Nihon University, Toyo University, Komazawa University, Senshu University, Tamagawa University, Teikyo University, Tokyo University of Agriculture, Takushoku University, Kokushikan University, Soka University, Tokyo International University, Takachiho University, Meisei University, Nippon Institute of Technology, Tokai University, Kanagawa University, Kanagawa Institute of Technology, Kanto Gakuin University, Shonan College of Engineering, Dokkyo University, The University of Electro-Communications, Saitama Institute of Technology, Jobu University, Tokyo University of Technology
■ Koshinnetsu, Hokuriku District
Yamanashi University, Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Fukui College of Engineering
■ Tokai, Chuubu District
Shizuoka University, University of Shizuoka, Tokoha University, Shizuoka Institute of Science and Technology, Numazu Technical College, Aichi Institute of Technology, Meijo University, Nagoya University of Commerce, Asahi University
■ Kinki District
Kinki University, Osaka Industrial University, University of Osaka Prefecture
■ Kyushu District
Nishi Nippon Institute of Technology, Nippon Bunri University, Kitakyusyu Technical College
Other junior colleges, technical schools


Working hours
Standard working hour 8:00-16:45 (working for 8 hours)
Working place
Headquarters and Mishima Plant
Izu-nagaoka Plant
Starting salary
※details will guide you to applicants separately.
Raise in salary, bonus
Raise in salary once a year (April)
A bonus twice a year (in June, December)
Such as alimony, Single allowance, travel allowance, overtime allowance
Holiday and vacation
A five-day week and summer and New Year's depend on our annual calendar.
Paid vacation (10days after 6 months of employment. After that, due our regulations.)
Family events, special leave
Annual holiday for 117 days
Welfare program
Various insurance, asset-building housing loan system, cafeteria, dormitories (Shimizu-cho), Club / volleyball, Tennis etc.
Education and training system
・The qualification necessary for duties is set to a full company burden, and there are a lot of plans of self-culture including the English conversation. We support skill improvement of the self.
・Professional qualification system makes it properly evaluate the individual evaluation, which will lead to individual skills.


Entry to us with SJC Navi or Career-tasu.
Person who are interested in us even a little, please do an entry.
We are looking forward to your entry.
SJC Navi  Nikkei Shushoku Navi


Genaral Administration Division
20 Matoba Suntogun Shimizucho, Shizuoka Pref. Post Code: 411-0915 Japan
TEL.055-977-2300 FAX.055-977-0033