Privacy Policy

Fuji Technica & Miyazu will handle personal information based on the following basic policy from the point of view of the importance of personal information.

1. Collection of personal information.
In the case we collect personal information, done on pre-announce its intended use.

2. About restriction of the use purpose.
When we use collected personal information, it's restrictive only within the scope of its intended use.

3. For the provision of personal information to third parties
The collected personal information when there is a need to provide to a third party, do upon obtaining the consent of the person in question in advance. However, in case it is needed based on the laws and regulations, we may offer without the consent.

4. For the management of personal information
We properly manage the collected personal information, will endeavor to safety measures to prevent such unauthorized access, loss, leakage.

5. For compliance with relevant laws and regulations
We comply with laws and regulations, guidelines and norms.

6. Ongoing review
We perform ongoing review and improve such management method related to personal information.

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