Our Technical Strength

Group of vanguards that cover technical know-how in car body design

Technical Group We have a team in house that composed of expert designers who have been engaged in car body design for many years and strengthen the support system in order to meet customers' needs such as designs that can build body efficiently, lightweight body, etc.
A formation analysis, a process design, a style design and a series of progress of CAM and mechanical processing are consistently organized by three-dimensional data, and the quality and due date management are being performed.
In addition,towards the phenomenon which has occurred at a manufacturing premise, the production and the technology divisions work together to improve and accumulate our technological capabilities by element analysis and digitizing.
We are the group of vanguards which keeps doing due date management by the viewpoint of our customers and polishing our technical power to make better quality stamping dies.

Die delivery in a short lead-time

Technical Center ■Implementation of formability simulation at the design stage
We introduce state of the art 3D software such as CAD, CAE, CAM, CAT, and NETWORK systems for design and manufacture of tooling, and we implement comprehensive management of actual data obtained from simulation analysis, design, NC data, manufacturing and inspection. Accordingly we can provide high quality dies at the low-cost, and reduction of manufacturing hours and lead-time.

Large-sized NC Machines, 2400t large press

機械加工 It is our manufacturing department that performs dynamic and accurate work with the world's most advanced large-sized NC Machines and presses, sharing the manufacturing of dies from the hardware side. NC data that we have created for machining are sent to the manufacturing plants where, through our DNC (direct numerical control) system, the NC data are distributed to large-sized machine tools, including large contour machines that run 24 hours a day. The large press machines of more than 2000 tons show their power in die trial and the stamping of sample panels. Substantial capital has been invested in procuing some of the most advanced machines and equipment to match our advanced computer network to sustain a high quality and efficient manufacturing system.
>Die machining (thermostatic chamber)Die machining (thermostatic chamber)
2400t large press line, Oizumi Plant2400t large press line, Oizumi Plant
2400t large press line, Izu-Nagaoka Plant2400t large press line, Izu-Nagaoka Plant
Die fabrication processDie fabrication process
DC5Fast shape processing machine DC5 AMN

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