Our History


June 1950
Miyazu Seisakusho started as tool manufacturing industry at Nishiyajima, Ota-City, Gunma, Japan.
May 1953
Miyazu Seisakusho demutualized to Miyazu Seisakusho Limited Liability.
April 1954
Miyazu Seisakusho started production of automotive stamping dies.
February 1957
Fuji Technica founded Fuji Tool & Die Corp as a private limited company at Takashima-cho, Numazu-City, Shizuoka, and started production of automotive stamping dies.


April 1962
Fuji Technica demutualized to Fuji Tool & Die Co,. Ltd.
April 1967
Miyazu seisakusho demutualized to Miyazu Seisakusho Inc.
May 1967
Fuji Technica moved main office and entire manufacturing facility to newly constructed location at Shimizu-cho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka, Japan(Mishima plant).
Mishima Plant
September 1967
Miyazu seisakusho moved main office to newly constructed location at Oizumi plant(Oizumi-machi,Oura-gun,Gunma, Japan).


June 1978
Miyazu seisakusho established the technical center at Oizumi plant.
October 1979
Fuji Technica introduced CAD/CAM system for the first time in the Dies industry.


April 1989
Fuji Technica constructed Izu-Nagaoka plant at Izunagaoka-cho,Tagata-gun, Shizuoka (currently Izunokuni-City), and started operation.
Izu-Nagaoka plant
October 1989
Fuji Technica changed the trade name to FUJI TECHNICA INC.


June 1995
Fuji Technica established Pt.Fuji Technica Indonesia at Karawang-City, Indonasia under the joint management with Astra International, Nichimen (currently Sojitz), and Itochu Corporation.
Pt.Fuji Technica Indonesia
March 1998
Fuji Technica registered in JSDA. (Cord No.6476)
July 1999
Fuji Technica established a Technical Center (at Mishima plant) to integrated technical engneering and other activities.
Technical Center
July 1999
Miyazu seisakusho obtained the ISO9001 certification.
September 1999
Fuji Technica obtained the ISO9001 certification.


July 2000
Fuji Technica established Fuji Assembly Systems, Inc. (former Hiramatsu) at Kakamigahara-City, Gifu, Japan.
Fuji Assembly Systems
April 2001
Miyazu seisakusho opened France office (Miyazu Europe France) at Paris.
June 2001
Miyazu seisakusho obtained the ISO14001 certification.
January 2002
Fuji Technica established Yanti Fuji Wilson Engineering Co., Ltd at Yantai-City, China under the joint management with Yantai Hardware Enterprise Group Corp. (currently Yantai Friend Co,. Ltd.).
Yanti Fuji Wilson Engineering Co., Ltd
April 2002
Fuji Technica moved Fuji Assembly Systems's main office and the manufacturing facility to newly Constructed location at Seki-city, Gifu, Japan.
December 2002
Fuji Technica obtained the QS9000 certification.
June 2003
Miyazu seisakusho established Miyazu Malaysia Sdn, Bhd. at SubanJaya-City, Malaysia under the joint management with Proton Automotive and Nissho Iwai Corporation (currently Sojitz).
Miyazu Malaysia Sdn, Bhd.
December 2004
Fuji Technica canceld registration with JSDA, and listed stocks to JASDAC.
April 2005
Miyazu Seisakusho established the new head office at Oizumi plant.
Oizumi plant
May 2005
Fuji Technica established Yantai Fuji Mitsui Automotive Die & Parts Co,. Ltd at Yantai-City,China under the joint management with Mitsui & Co,.Ltd.
Yantai Fuji Mitsui Automotive Die & Parts Co,. Ltd
January 2006
Miyazu Seisakusho demutualized Miyazu Europe France to MIYAZU SARL .
January 2006
Fuji Technica opened Detroit Branch at State of Michigan-USA.
August 2009
Miyazu Seisakusho moved to MIYAZU SARL at Dourdan-City, France.


June 2010
Fuji Technica established Fuji Rayhoo Eng. (Wu Fu).
Fuji Rayhoo Eng. (Wu Fu)
December 2010
Fuji Technica and Miyazu Seisakusho have conducted business integration.
July 2011
Fuji Technica and Miyazu seisakusho carried out a business integration, changed the trade name to Fuji Technica & Miyazu
Fuji Technica & Miyazu
November 2012
Fuji Technica & Miyazu established Fuji Technica & Miyazu America Inc. at State of Michigan-USA.
Fuji Technica & Miyazu America Inc
February 2015
Yanti Fuji Wilson Engineering Co., Ltd. became 100% subsidiary of Fuji Technica & Miyazu Inc.
February 2016
Fuji Technica & Miyazu established Yantai Fuji Technica & Miyazu Trading Inc. at Yantai-City, China.
May 2016
Fuji Technica & Miyazu Inc. was delisting at the Tokyo Stock Exchange JASDAQ(Standard) market.
May 2016
Fuji Technica & Miyazu Inc. became 100% subsidiary of Toyo Kohan Co., Ltd., and also became the member of Toyo Seikan Group (Toyo Seikan Group Holdings, Ltd. : 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange market : No. 5901) at the same time.

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