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Total support for automobile manufacturing with our integrated tecnology

We, Fuji Technica & Miyazu is, since the 1950s founding, we have engaged in the manufacture of stamping dies over for car bodies over the long time. With our high technical capabilities as a world top class stamping die maker for car bodies, now, we have won a high trust from car manufacturers around the world. We are certainly responding to the daily-evolving customer's needs with our high quality and highly precise stamping dies produced with our "polished" technology.
Short lead time (development term) is one area of pressing importance in automotive industry and consequently, die manufacturing has been requested to shorten its manufacturing time. In addition to this, the die infustry is required to participate in the upstream and doenstream processes by fully utilizing its die manufacturing technology. Some of the areas that Fuji Technica&Miyazu has expanded our expertise include such processes as design and manufacture of production assembly jigs, simultaneous engineering, clay models, prototype bodies and so on. We are already looking to expand our areas of contributions into the next generations of car manufacturing.

Die Manufacturing

金型 Our core business is die manufacturing in which we excel in manufacturing the highest quality in precision dies in an effectivemanner by employing the most advanced computer technology.

BIW quality improvement

■The BIW quality improvement activities by PCF activities
Through the PCF activities by our engineers who are familiar with the body quality improvement, we support the early improvement of BIW quality, and we have received high praise from our customers.
PCF:Parts Cooridnate Fixture

Manufacture of mold and tools for automotive interior parts

Our integrated engineering expertise provides our customers with molds and tools that best fit material characteristics and production requirements for the whole manufacturing process of forming, trimming, welding, and assembly of resin interior parts.


BIW ホワイトボディ We supply screwed body and BIW for evaluation by using accurately formed panels and then confirm the entire accuracy.

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