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We, FUJI TECHNICA & MIYAZU, have provides stamping dies to customers, focusing on automobile manufacturers for over 60 years.
During this time, we have grown to a company with the technical skills necessary for leading our industry in die manufacturing and with long-time experience through continuous making of large and high spec stamping dies.

Currently, we have been seeking to make stamping dies from start to the end in Japan by taking in the whole process from design to production in-house and reviewing each step.
We aim at a top runner of a stamping die manufacturer by continuing introduction of the latest CAD/CAM system and an investment to large process machines to accelerate this activity.

In response to the recent globalization for our customers, we have established our organization to meet wide-raging requests with our well-positioned facillities and human resources in our three domestic plants and also our three overseas plants.
We promise that we will continue to provide our customers with dies that satisfy in terms of cost, quality, and delivery, in our effort to maintain a reputation as a reliable die manufacturer.
株式会社富士テクニカ宮津 代表取締役社長 和久田俊一

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy Even while manufacturing becomes difficult in Japan, we challenge making stamping dies of a new era, that combines the on-site skills that the Japanese are good at to the latest technology, and aim to a company which continues profitable.


We are actively promoting the efforts of CSR.

The provision of safe, high-quality stamping dies

We always pursue quality from the viewpoint of our customers, and offer our customers' satisfying stamping dies and services.
In addition, to the ever-changing business environment, we aim to correspond flexibly, properly, and speedily.
We work on providing safe and high-quality stamping dies, by reconciling safety and the efficiency of the business.

★ ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) certification

Environmental consideration

All the employees are working on power-saving aggressively in order to protect global environment and energy rental charge saving in the area.
Specifically, so as not to exceed the contract power contracted with an electric power company, we always watch the maximum demand power based on the information delivered from 30 minutes maximum demand power meter monitor, and when exceed of the upper limit target of the contracted power may occurs, mail calling for power saving will be delivered to employees' mobile phones. We make an effort to reduce even the small waste of power consumption.
This system was introduced into the head office and Mishima Plant in August 2009. Compared to the power consumption before the introduction of this power-saving system, we have succeeded in 42% reduction of the contract power.
We'll work for saving of energy use and contribute to global environment protection including this activity from now on.

★ ISO14001 (environmental management system) certification

Utilization and development of diverse human resources

We expand the business globally, so will raise a worldwide competitiveness by strengthen the utilization and development of variety of human resources.

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